Youth Contribute to Caritas’ Work in Cyprus and Across the Confederation

Young people have unique perspectives with the potential to enrich our work and inform the strategic approaches we take to serving our beneficiary population. Interns, fellows and volunteers contribute energy, enthusiasm and skills to our work every day. They help Caritas make a difference in Cyprus and across the world. Recently, Caritas Internationalis published the first Global Youth Report on the current state of youth participation, representation and engagement across our Confederation. It analyzes data and insights from across 110 member organizations to propose key recommendations about how we can all better engage and empower young people. We join Caritas Internationalis in reflecting on how we can better incorporate the valuable inputs of youth. In doing so, we recognize the significant contributions of the young people who serve our organization as volunteers, as well as the resilience and valuable insights of all the youth we serve both directly and indirectly!