Including Migrant Voices in Research—Caritas Cyprus Works with Oxford Brookes University Team

Migrants have an important role to play as participants in research about migration. Yet, they are often left out. As a result, research can lack authentic perspectives and, worse, reinforce stereotypes. Determined to buck this trend, a multidisciplinary team of researchers at Oxford Brookes University’s Migration and Refugee Network have adopted a participatory methodology in their new research project on “Infectious Disease Surveillance in Reception Centres for Refugees”. Working through Caritas Cyprus, the Oxford Brookes team has interviewed asylum seekers and refugees in order to better understand the barriers migrants can face when accessing healthcare. The project adopts a human-centered approach and will produce several outputs (policy briefs, awareness-raising materials and academic publications) all aiming to improve the health conditions of the displaced. Caritas Cyprus and the Oxford Brookes team—led by Dr. Eleni Elia and including Drs Karen Latricia Hough, Ryan Pink, Muhammad Younas and Michal Palacz—share a commitment to the principles of human rights and social justice that should characterize migration studies. By amplifying migrant voices, they acknowledge migrant agency and dignity. Stay tuned for the outcome of this research!