Caritas Network Responds to Crisis in Gaza

Even before the current catastrophe, the Gaza Strip’s healthcare infrastructure was inadequate to meet the needs of its population. Crippled by a 16-year blockade, the provision of healthcare was complicated by multiple political, economic and environmental stresses affecting this, one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Since the escalation of hostilities with Israel in October 2023, the situation has become dire. Forced displacement, armed conflict, power outages and shortages of medicines and supplies have compromised life-saving medical care and resulted in the death and injury of health workers and the destruction of hospitals. The statistics are staggering. As of the end of December, it is estimated that almost 20,000 Gazans have been killed and another 52,200 injured, with more than 70% of those killed being women and children. 85% of Gaza’s 1.93 million population have been driven from their homes and over 60% of Gaza’s housing units have been destroyed or damaged. 100% of the students in Gaza are unable to access education.

While the situation remains volatile and recovery distant, Caritas Jerusalem will implement a project to begin to respond to some of the growing needs in Gaza and in the West Bank. The project will focus on health, mental health and multipurpose cash support in Gaza as well as provide modest multipurpose cash support to for essential needs in the West Bank.

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