Caritas Internationalis at COP28

This year Caritas Internationalis is participating in global climate talks at COP28 in Dubai as part of the Holy See Delegation. At COP28, Caritas—a confederation of 162 national member organizations—is urging leaders to support those communities which bear a disproportionate burden from the impacts of the climate crisis. During the November 30-December 12 discussions, Caritas will engage on several priority areas including: loss and damage; climate finance; adaptation; the Global Stocktake; mitigation and food and agriculture. The Caritas delegation at COP28 includes representation from diverse regions, including Australia, Caritas France, Malawi, Norway, Caritas Zambia, CRS, SCIAF, CAFOD, Brazil, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Together, our collective experiences and commitment aim to inform meaningful discussions and generate actions that will address the pressing challenges posed by climate change. Specifically, on December 5, 2023, Caritas Internationalis, in collaboration with the Holy See, hosted a side event titled “Addressing Non-Economic Loss & Damages through a shared understanding of Human Development & Integral Ecology.”