Caritas Cyprus Assists Those Moving on

Displacement is difficult and a refugee’s journey from war to safety is fraught with challenges. Jean*, a recognized refugee from the conflict that has ravaged the Democratic Republic of Congo, woke up alone in the psychiatric ward of Athalassa Hospital lost and without any worldly possessions. Asked by Social Welfare Services to assist him, Caritas Cyprus worked with doctors and nurses there as well as the Civil Registry and Migration Department to retrace Jean’s past on the island, retrieve his identification documents and provide him with a means to communicate with his family. After Jean received much-needed psychiatric treatment and then rehabilitation care at the Nikios Care Home, Caritas helped Jean take the multiple steps necessary to be reunited with his family in France. Caritas assisted him organize his travel documents, manage his health condition and ultimately make it to the airplane that would see him relocated within Europe. Like Jean, many refugees will be forever obliged to Cyprus for the safety and refuge it provided to them on the long journey from violence and victimization to recovery and healing.