Caritas Cyprus is committed to treating all people with respect and actively preventing all forms of harassment, abuse, and exploitation.

Safeguarding is the responsibility that all organizations have to ensure that their programs and staff, and those engaged by, or in service to, the organization, honor and protect the rights and dignity of all people — especially children and vulnerable adults — to live free from abuse and harm.

Safeguarding is fundamental to our identity as a humanitarian and development organization and our commitment of accountability to those we serve — to preventing and maintaining a culture of safety and preventing harm.

If you would like to provide feedback or submit a complaint, please feel free to:

  • Email
  • Drop a note in one of our Comment Boxes, which are located at the entrance of each facility in which we work
  • Ask our staff for assistance

All sensitive feedback and complaints will be handled by our Safeguarding Focal Point in a confidential and secure manner.