EU-Funded Projects

MIICT (ICT Enabled Public Services for Migration)

MIICT was conceived with the goal of designing, developing and deploying tools that address the challenge of migrant integration. The project undertakes to co-create improved ICT-enabled services with migrants, refugees, public sector services, NGOs and other interest groups. By involving research-users at the centre of our approach we address the need to improve and customise the interfaces used to access key public services so that they better address the requirements of migrants and refugees.  Go to publications…  Learn more…

Understanding the Impact of Novel Technologies and Social Media on PERCEPTIONS of Europe in Countries Abroad (PERCEPTIONS)

PERCEPTIONS aims to identify the different narratives, images and perceptions of (life in) Europe and the EU, and to study their role in individuals’ decision to migrate to Europe. The project also aims to identify the channels in which such narratives and images are spread, including traditional and social media, and the actors who tell these stories – and to whom, with what purpose and with what impact. The project will focus on the role of social media in this process, and what kind of images and ideas are transported via different channels. We want to understand how different narratives could lead to problems, false expectations, security threats or even radicalization.  Go to publications…  Learn more…

COALESCE: Legal, Psycho-social and Economic Empowerment for the Integration of Women Third Country Nationals Victims of Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

COALESCE aims to provide gender-specific integration and empowerment actions through implementing psycho-social, legal and economic support and assistance to third-country national women victims of sex trafficking. Coalesce also aims to develop synergies and complementarities in facilitating needs identification, assistance and support, and improve transnational cooperation among front line professionals and practitioners.  Go to publications…

Other Projects

Through the Medicines and Hospitals Fund, we provide (1) essential medicines and medical services, equipment and supplies that are unavailable or unaffordable through the government’s health schemes and (2) cultural mediation in hospitals for those who are particularly vulnerable. 

We provide wrap-around case management for men and women who have fallen victim to contemporary forms of slavery.

In line with the purpose of the Julia Taft fund to fill gaps in support to refugees, we have improved our Migrant Services facilities to better serve our growing number of beneficiaries and are offering Greek lessons to encourage integration.