LessonTitleLearning ObjectivesCurriculum Resources
• Pronounce and write the letters of the Greek alphabet
• Connect the sounds with the letters and groups of letters they represent
• Introduce themselves and ask someone’s name by using the verb “λέγομαι”
• Write their names
Sounds, Writing Practice, Dialog, Group Activity (pdf)

What is your name? (Greek video)

What is your name? (Cypriot dialect video)
2Introduction – Part 2
• Connect the sounds with the letters and groups of letters they represent.
• Identify the individual sounds in a word.
• Blend the individual sounds in order to read a word.
• Recognize and distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters.
More Sounds, Writing Practice, Group Activity with Cards (pdf)
3Greetings• Exchange greetings depending on the time of the day and the occasion
• Exchange expressions of general interest
• Fill in forms with basic personal details
• Understand and use some high frequency words and phrases
Greetings, Creating an Email, Group Activity – Word Chain (pdf)

How are you? (Greek video)

How are you? (Cypriot dialect video)
4Verbs and Personal Information• Introduce themselves by using the verb “είμαι”
• Conjugate and use the verbs είμαι, μένω, μιλώ to construct simple sentences
• Αsk simple questions in the present tense
• Ask and give personal information (their name, country of origin, their language and residence)
Key verbs, Writing Practice, Group Activity – Just one Lie (pdf)

Do you speak Greek? (Greek video)

Do you speak Greek? (Cypriot dialect video)
5Numbers and Time• Count and use the numbers from 1 to 100
• Ask and give information about time
• Use the interrogative pronoun “τι”
• Create small dialogues
Numbers, Telling the Time, Group Activity – Skip a Number (pdf)

What time is it? (Greek video)

What time is it?
(Cypriot dialect video)
6Numbers and Time – Part 2• Ask and give information about the days of the week, the parts of the day, the months and seasons
• Use the interrogative pronoun “τι”
• Use appointment setting practices
Seasons, Months, Days, Group Activity – Talking Eyes (pdf)
7Jobs and Occupations• Name different professions and shops
• Understand and use nouns
• Use of the definite article
• Ask and give information about their job
• Use sentences with simple form
Jobs and Occupations, Articles and Nouns, Dialog Practice, Group Activity – Pantomime

Where do you work? (Greek video)

Where do you work (Cypriot dialect video)
8Directions and Transportation• Name the means of transportation and other related vocabulary
• Use previous topic words in different context
• Use simple phrases to ask for schedules or to buy a ticket
• Ask for and give directions
Transportation, Reading Practice, Group Activity – Maps (pdf)

One ticket, please. (Greek video)

One ticket, please. (Cypriot dialect video)
9Shopping• Develop vocabulary related to the topic (types of clothing, footwear, food, products, colors…)
• Use target words in context
• Practice yes/no questions
• Create small dialogues related to the theme
Clothing, Footwear, Food, Products, Practice Vocabulary, Group Activity – Guess Who (pdf)
10Shopping – Part 2• Name the fruits and vegetables
• Use verbs related to the topic, like “θελω”, “μαγειρεύω”
• Use simple words and simple language structure, in realistic scenarios
• Practice conversations based on dialogue model
Fruits and Vegetables, Kitchen Items, Practice Reading, Group Activity – Open Air Market (pdf)

Are there apples today? (Greek video)

Are there apples today? (Cypriot dialect video)

11Jobs and Occupations – Part 2• Understand and use vocabulary related to work places, income, working conditions
• Use a series of sentences to describe in simple terms their background
• Practice being interviewed and prepare themselves to use Greek in real life scenarios
• Fill in a simple curriculum vitae
Practice Interview Vocabulary, Create a Practice CV, Group Activity – The Interview (pdf)
12Body and Health• Develop vocabulary related to the topic (parts of the body, doctors-specializations, illnesses…)
• Use the vocabulary in context
• Use verbs related to the topic, like “πονάω”
• Use sentences with simple form to help them communicate
The Body, Doctors, Pharmacies, Practice Vocabulary, Group Activity – Memory (pdf)

I would like an appointment… (Greek video)

I would like an appointment… (Cypriot dialect video)

13Accommodation• Name the furniture and rooms of an apartment
• Reflect on their existing knowledge and transfer it to new context
• Practice finding an apartment
• Assume roles in a real-life scenario, and develop the actual skills required to handle a similar situation
Accommodation, Practice Reading Comprehension, Group Activity – Finding Accommodation (pdf)

I’m interested in the apartment (Greek video)

I’m interested in the apartment (Cypriot dialect video)
14Services• Develop vocabulary related to the topic (bank, school, electricity service, post office, labor office)
• Describe and ask information
• Use their vocabulary, grammar, speaking skills in realistic scenarios
Service Vocabulary, Practice Dialog, Group Activity – Topic Cards

I would like to pay my bill… (Greek video)

I would like to pay my bill… (Cypriot dialect video)
15Living in Cyprus• Use context clues to find the meaning of words in a reading text
• Incorporate appropriate vocabulary to exchange information.
• Understand vocabulary related to the texts.
• Gather and share information
Flora and Fauna, Cypriot Cuisine, Practice Vocabulary,
Group Activity – Jigsaw (pdf)
16Living in Cyprus – Part 2• Share and explore one another’s culture.
• Become familiar with some aspects of the life in Cyprus
• Create small dialogues in Cypriot dialect
Common Phrases, Areas of Cyprus, Cypriot Dialect, Group Activity – Something from You (pdf)

Welcome to Cyprus (Greek and Cypriot dialect video)