“Zuzu’s Smile” Campaign raises funds to complete critical dental surgery for young 15 year old refugee from Palestine

1st of April 2017

Caritas Cyprus in Larnaca raised enough funds to provide critical dental care to a mentally handicapped asylum-seeker in Cyprus. The young girl broke her tooth at the beginning of February, which constantly caused inflammation and extreme pain. Since she needed general anesthesia to be treated, she needed to go to a private clinic. Unable to afford such treatment, Caritas Larnaca began “Zuzu’s Smile” Campaign to raise funds for her surgery. The publicity of the campaign led to overwhelming support including doctors volunteering to perform the surgery to reduce the cost.

This was combined with voluntary efforts of the local community. Many members of the Agia Napa Catholic community began sewing and crocheting “tooth fairy” pillow and bags to be sold to support Zuzu. Money was also raised through sponsorship of refugee runners during the Limassol Marathon and support from Cyprus Refugee Solidarity.

On Saturday the 1 st of April, Doctor Georgios Minas and Dr. Andreas Demetriou performed the surgery. It took more than two hours of work, three teeth were  removed and 11 dental fillings were put in place. Special thanks to the doctors involved, Ibrahim Maarouf for translation, and Liubov Samoylova for coordinating the campaign. There were many smiles this day and we hope to see many more in the future!