Run and walk against hunger: invitation


Save the Date: 19th October 2014


During the Week of Action (13-19 October, 2014) for the Caritas campaign One human family, food for all, Caritas members around the world will host events to raise awareness of hunger in the countries and abroad. A list of possible activities is below.


As one suggested activity, we invite Caritas member organisations to set aside time at 10.00 am on 19 October, the concluding day of the Week of Action, for a run or walk against hunger.

We have uploaded our last campaign bulletin on Baobab to give you the website where you can learn more about what Caritas Internationalis will be doing on Sunday 19th October 2014 in Rome ( You are welcome to arrange a Caritas run or walk at any time during the Week of Action (13-19 October, 2014).


Audience – participants to be gathered for the race

– Staff and volunteers of Caritas organisations around the world

– People of faith

– Representatives of government/local authorities

– All people of good will who are  sensitive to hunger issues




One human family, food for all offers a unique opportunity for our voices to join as one and for us to work together to end the scandal which is world hunger. The campaign places an emphasis on personal transformation, policy change, and service towards others. The run or walk against hunger further reinforce the momentum already fostered through the Wave of Prayer that launched the food campaign in December 2013. This sports initiative will increase public impact of our call to end hunger and our advocacy on behalf of food security.




Members can organise the run or walk against hunger either independently or in conjunction with an in-country Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) field officer (we can connect you with them).


The Caritas organisations based in Rome (Caritas Internationalis, Caritas Italiana and Caritas Rome) will participate in the run against hunger with FAO, WFP, IFAD and Bioversity International (the four international agencies that form the food and agriculture hub in Rome) to raise awareness of world hunger through a 10K race and a 5K non-competitive walk.


Given that the ‘Hunger Run’ is an FAO-branded initiative, if a national member wishes to arrange it independently of FAO, the name of the event must not be the same as theirs.


As with the Wave of Prayer, Caritas member organisations located in Oceania will be able to open the run at 10.00 am their time. Caritas members are also free to add a symbolic action to the run or walk against hunger, such as the cooking of a special meal, the sharing of bread, etc.


If you combine the Run with government lobbying efforts, CI plans to provide a postcard template and a list of advocacy “asks” you may choose from when contacting your government leaders.


If you choose to host a Hunger Run, please fill in the following information below. Please include additional activities.


Also, please ask people from the communications group from your region to document the event. We ask you to post comments, photos and videos from the event on Facebook and Twitter.


Additional activities for the Week of Action


You are the experts and you know best might interest your own Caritas supporters most. However, if you need ideas, a longer CI list includes:

– Arrange special picnics with the homeless, elderly, or vulnerable.

– Exhibit photos of families in your parish or diocese eating a meal together or share photos of your family’s harvest, especially unusual fruits, vegetables, etc.

– Encourage campaign supporters, if they grow food, to meet and share seeds.

– Reach out to TV chefs and chefs at famous restaurants, encouraging them to 1) Publicly cook recipes from Caritas projects in the developing world; 2) Cook using leftovers; 3) Cook using a staple ingredient from the developing world.

– Hold your own cooking competition using leftovers or staple foods of the developing world.

– Recipe book. Caritas supporters worldwide share best recipes and we create a PDF. This could include a “leverage your leftovers” component about recipe that prevent food waste, or “donate your diet”—describe your diet or day(s) of fasting to contribute to Caritas.

– Project words and images, such as an image of a woman farmer, on iconic buildings.

– And of course…Masses, prayer vigils, and Church-based events for the Week of Action


Raising awareness and funds


October is also Mission Month. We encourage all members to please make contact with national and local Diocesan offices that plan on collecting funds for their missions to coordinate their respective initiatives.


Each and everyone counts! Get fit and run with us for a great cause.


Thank you for your continued support!


The Campaign Steering Committee