The Diaconia Sector was created in early 2016 with the primary mission to support Cypriot nationals facing poverty. Due to the economic crisis and the increasing levels of unemployment in Cyprus, Caritas Cyprus piloted a Jobs Program to match unemployed individuals of all ages to job vacancies within the Caritas family.

The goal of the Jobs Program is to create a strong database of companies and employers that are willing to collaborate with Caritas Cyprus to appoint the most appropriate people to fulfill the available positions. By having a strong database of job vacancies and making critical connections within the Caritas network, we hope to reduce unemployment in Cyprus one connection at a time. In 2016, the Jobs Program matched at least twenty people with full-time employment. We hope to expand the work of the Jobs Program in the future and the Sector as a whole.

Please contact our Main Office if you are in search of a job or if you have any job vacancies!