The tragedy with the migrants in Lesbos island has no end – Read the article of one of our Caritas Cyprus men witnessing this tragedy.

3_3[1] The latest report from Antony in Lesbos 31/10/15. Antony is a volunteer with the Caritas Cyprus Migrant Center, running under the coordination of Dolores Rebello Savvides.

Antony wrote:

“Yes it’s cold for the refugees in Lesbos.

Helping Syrian refugees earlier tonight –

My heart breaks several times a day. Sometimes I turn away almost in tears. Last night I walked between two lines of refugees sitting and standing in the freezing cold deciding in my head to which child (some were crying from the cold and hunger ) I would bring a blanket to, as we had a limited number and I had to keep in mind the information I was given that late in the evening refugees were to arrive who would need the blankets. When I brought the blankets out to hand them to the “chosen ones” naturally other children and parents started pulling them and others pleaded. Needless to say it was very rough emotionally for me. However when I asked a translator to explain why I chose those children (crying and the lightest dress) and that I could not give out more because of the new refugees arriving who would be soaked, they all went silent and were understanding. Their reaction was very moving.

Please also find below the link for an article based on mifgrants and refugees that are arriving in Greece as it was prepared by Caritas Europa.